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Art for Everyone

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I believe every person has creativity possibilities and that they often lose the confidence to explore this after childhood. If they can find the confidence to re-discover this creativity as an adult then it will bring great pleasure and fun. For me the process of putting any media onto a surface and observing what is happening and deciding what to do next is incredibly absorbing and mood enhancing. The process of making art is for everyone and helps us to look more closely with wonder and delight at the stunning, visual world we live in.

I enjoy supporting friends to rediscover their creativity and be confident to explore their ideas in art. I encourage my friends to come and try out some art with me in my barn studio and share my materials, we may paint together or I might support them to make their own lino designs and print them off. (If I haven't asked you yet, then try asking me!) For some friends this has been the start of a new and exciting art practice.

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Frank Burdett
Jun 05, 2020

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