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Fancy a trip out to the Eagle Gallery in Bedford?

The Eagle Gallery has a fantastic new exhibition that has recently opened including paintings, glass works, pottery and jewellery. If you fancy going along then check out the website

The exhibition has limited opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 11am until 3pm.

They have done the safety bit really well: sanitiser as you go in, there are only two visitors allowed in the gallery at once, you are given gloves to look through the browsers and the cards can be viewed but not handled unless you are purchasing !

Here is a nice photo of a corner of the gallery where the theme seems to be blue.. prizes for the person who spots my two paintings on the wall! If you want a closer look at the paintings then they are in the gallery section of the website.

By the way the cabinet is full of beautiful handmade, very reasonably priced silver jewellery

in case you know someone who needs a gift!

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